Fasteners are an extremely important industry. Fasteners are present in many items we use in our daily lives. We perform certification testing for a multitude of different fasteners and to several specifications.
Axial and Wedge Testing
We have the capability and fixturing for testing many SAE and metric sized in axial tensile as well as 4, 6- and 10-degree wedge tensile testing.

Shear Testing
We are capable of performing double shear testing for most common bolt sizes.

Fatigue Testing
Our fatigue machine can handle cyclic loading up to 20,000 pounds. We can perform both tension-tension or tension-compression fatigue testing.

Metallographic Examination
Our extensive metallography department can certify your fasteners to virtually any specification you need. Our automatic mounting presses and automatic polishers allow for quick turnaround time.

Rotational Capacity
We are capable of rotational capacity testing of fasteners in accordance with ASTM and DOT/AASHTO specifications. Our automated tester is capable of testing fasteners up to 1 � inches in diameter.
Other Testing
Do you require a test not seen here? Please contact us! We will work with you to determine your exact needs and do our very best to meet them as quickly as possible!
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